Model Mini


Electric recliner sofa upholstered in fabrics.
Minimum space and greater comfort.


The arms are covered with polyurethane foam to improve comfort and ergonomics.

Model Mini  includes buttons, on the side, which serve to operate recliners.

The gray color combines in a multitude of environments, from rustic spaces to classic decorations.

Its “mini” size makes it ideal for tiny rooms because of its reduced dimensions.

Feet are made of black lacquered wood.

Modelo Mini of color gray upholstered in microfiber, the model is presented in a spacious room with white and smooth walls, laminate floor and ceiling with windows and wood. The light enters above and at the bottom, which has three windows. Through the windows you can see trees that can be hedges.
Mini model seen from the front and located in a totally different environment. It is a classic environment with large windows and white curtains. The floor is laminated with white color and the ceiling has geometric molding. The room is very bright, tall and modern buildings are visible through the windows.
3/4 view of the Mini model from a chopped angle. The seat is reclining up its bottom.
View between 3/4 and front of the model. The seat is offset to raise the bottom. In addition, the model is presented in white cyclorama.

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